Cassie M

Name: Cassie M

Age: 20

Personal Brand: Marlboro Menthol

Tricks: Smoke Rings

Cigarettes Per Day: 20

Best Smoking Encounter: On Holiday in Corfu, lay on the beech topless all oiled up with sun lotion, i was enjoying a cigarette and out of the edge of my sunglasses i could see an 18 year old lad staring at me as I smoked. So i made sure I gave him a good show, judging by the bulge in his trunks i did

Cassie St Moritz

Model: Cassie

Age: 20

Brand: St Moritz

Tricks: Smoke Rings, French Inlale

Description: Cassie is one hot smokey, she teases with smoke rings and hot exhales

Duration 4:43 (min:sec)

Cassie St Moritz

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